Hey Toronto, can't sleep? Get free CBT for insomnia

CBT-i works. It improves sleep quantity and quality. And it reduces anxiety and depression. Imagine waking up refreshed... every day. This is our goal at SleepDoc.caFor adults with OHIP, UHIP or IFHP.
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In-person assessment

You'll do a self-assessment online, then come in for an in-person review and physical exam@ 123 Queen St W, Toronto (Sheraton hotel, directions below)

Online CBT-i

• Small groups, 1-2 hours, by video.
• Courses are 2-8 sessions long.
• Lots of scheduling options - more details at your in-person intake.

Dr. Matt Desruisseaux

• Family physician at CAMH
• Medical training: McGill & UofT
• PhD in cognitive psychology

Directions to intake session

Detailed directions under the map. In short: Google Map 123 Queen St. W, enter the Sheraton hotel lobby, take Richmond elevators up to 414. TTC is best given nearby construction.

Long version: the Sheraton hotel is across from City Hall / Nathan Phillips Square. There are 3 entrances:1) The easiest is the car drop-off/valet area on York St., between Queen and Richmond: once you enter, keep right, walk to the very end, take the Richmond elevators on your right, up to the 4th floor, then 414 just on the right.2) Entrance from 123 Queen St W.: enter the Sheraton hotel, slight right to the lobby, continue straight, then left to the Richmond elevators.3) Entrance from 100 Richmond St W.: elevators on your left.The door of suite 414 is usually closed, but please come in and have a seat. If you're early, the door may be locked - please then wait in the hallway, we'll be right back.

Toronto, don't let insomnia hold you back. Start your journey to better sleep now.Do you find it difficult to fall asleep or stay asleep? If so, you may benefit from a consultation with a sleep specialist in Toronto, to assess for medical conditions like sleep apnea, and learn about sleep therapy / sleep coaching.So many people in Toronto need sleep counselling. That's why we started our OHIP-covered cognitive behavioural therapy for insomnia (CBT-i) - a type of therapy that's been shown to be highly effective.In our CBT-i sessions, we will cover the root causes of insomnia and the evidence-based ways to address them. Sessions are interactive: you can ask questions as we go. They are group therapy sessions, but you will be able to receive tailored solutions and guidance too. You can access these sessions from anywhere in Ontario with an Internet connection, after the initial in-person appointment in Toronto.I can answer all your questions about medications, but I will not prescribe you any, since I will not be your treating physician - and because they usually don't work in the long term.Instead, you will learn CBT-i techniques to achieve restful, rejuvenating sleep, including:
- sleep hygiene and stimulus control
- relaxation techniques and apps
- devices ranging from white noise machines to pillows
- stress and anxiety management
- cognitive restructuring
- paradoxical intention
- sleep diaries and sleep consolidation (aka sleep restriction therapy)
Why online? Because it's convenient and because online CBT-i works. In an analysis of 1460 participants, it resulted in large improvements in insomnia severity and sleep efficiency (the % of time in bed when you're actually sleeping).Imagine waking up feeling refreshed, energized, and ready to tackle the day ahead. The goal of our free CBT for insomnia is to empower you with the tools and knowledge that you need to achieve restorative sleep on a consistent basis.